In 2020, Elon Musk introduced "Neural Link", a chip that could be implanted in the brain, which made it possible to determine whether a pig's nose had been touched or not. So in the future, this is supposed to act like a cell phone in the brain and warn of a possible heart attack and even play music. In my short film, I discuss how this technology would develop if chips were implanted in the mother's womb and the process of reproduction would be completely automated. Thus, any steps of infancy would also be obsolete, as the brain of the newborn would be completely controlled by the chip. Through this control, Elon Musk's fictional likeness "Egon Mulk" creates his own army of chip-controlled "baby soldiers" and can influence their functioning with the help of a switch.

Programs used:
Visuals - Blender
Editing - Premiere Pro
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