In the introduction Visual Effects course, I was tasked with simulating snow, cloth, and footprints inside Maya. I gave myself two days for completion of the project. 

The cloth sims worked well within Maya, but as I began with the particles, Maya started crashing. To work around this, I created a separate file with all colliders in it and used it for the snow particle sim. Additionally, I added an expression so that the particles had a maximum distance they could travel before they were killed. 

For the footprints, I first tried a soft body, then liquid particles, and eventually moved to Houdini to solve it with the grain solver and import it as a VDB.

The entire scene was rendered with Vray, including the snow particles in the separate file. However, the particles did not seem to match the movement, even though I used the same camera movement.

Programs used:
Visuals - Maya/Vray
Footprint Simulation - Houdini
Other Simulations - Maya
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