Hey, thank you for visiting my portfolio.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melvin, and I have had a passion for digital media from a very young age. When I was a child, I used the family computer and Windows Movie Maker to create videos featuring my little sister, and burning them onto CD-ROMs. This sparked my interest in digital media and led me to purchase Poser 9, although I was disappointed to find that it did not work well on the family computer.
I saved up for my own computer, which I was able to afford at the age of 16. The first thing I did was download Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine 4, which had just become free. I experimented with these programs, but ultimately found more interest in learning Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere. However, my interest in 3D was reignited when I applied to the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and needed to create a short animation. Instead of creating a 2D animation, I decided to use Blender, which had recently undergone an intuitive redesign. This led to my first real 3D project, "CHIPPED", and ultimately helped me secure a place at the university.
Throughout this path I became familiar with a variety of programs including

- Maya / Houdini / Cinema 4D,
- Unreal Engine 4 / Unity
- Substance Painter / Designer / Photoshop
- Davinci Resolve / Premiere
- After Effects / Nuke / Fusion
These experiences also sparked my interest in learning to code with Python or C++ to create games or automate processes. Although I have not yet extensively pursued this skill, I may do so in the future.
Picture of Jona Melvin Grobe