This was a project I did at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. This is the first of the three Projects I have to deliver in my 3 years of studying MultiMediaArt (Computer Animation). "NO NEED TO RUSH LIFE" was basically planned as a previz, but even before I started, I realized that with a "little" effort I could turn the project into a finished animated short. The idea for the project has been on my idea sheet for a year, and I wanted to make it happen and have some fun and creative freedom while I still had the chance. The short film is about a driver on the roads of the Austrian alpine region who ignores every road sign, which finally leads to him driving off a cliff. 

The part i took a little help was sound design and Music, and I am very grateful for the professional way my audio guy Kilian Konz who produced music for me and implemented my each wish. Also Stefan Wolf helped me to create the satisfying gear shift sound with his car. I hope all the stress in the last months was worth it and you like it!

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